Fair Oaks Horticulture Center

Aug 24th 2011

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The Sacramento County U.C. Cooperative Extension in collaboration with the Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District established the Fair Oaks Horticultural Center in 1998 with the planting of an orchard. It was later expanded to include to an area for blueberries and cane berries, a vegetable garden and a vineyard.

A one-acre Water Efficient Landscape (WEL) demonstration section was added in 2003. Six areas designed to offer a variety of landscaping options comprise, a Front Perimeter garden, Mediterranean garden, Perennial Walk, Common Variety garden, a Native Plant garden, and future Asian garden.

The WEL garden is open to the public every day throughout the year. The edible landscape areas are open only during workshops and open garden days.

8100 Temple Park Rd., Fair Oaks

County Central Valley
CategoriesDemonstration/Teaching, Drought-tolerant plants
Adult PriceFree
Phone(916) 875-6913
Address8100 Temple Park Rd., Fair Oaks
HoursDawn to dusk